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Language Leader is a school specializing on providing the best language education in Kazakhstan since 2011. We provide a variety of language courses including Russian.  Since 2011 our clients have been Ambassadors and diplomats from different embassies in Astana from  Britain, USA, Thailand, Finland, Netherlands and others;  we educate managers and employees from companies like Talgo train, Nokia, United Nations, KazMunaiGas  and others.

The courses are adjusted to the needs and requirements of our clients. They can be held at the office of the school or at your office, they can be group or individual lessons.

All the teachers are qualified professionals. They are specialized in teaching Russian language and have considerable experience of teaching foreigners in Kazakhstan. They use a variety of activities and Russian authentic materials like songs and videos (even with Beginner students) that make lessons exciting and effective.

We provide Russian-language instruction for international organizations and members of the diplomatic corps in groups and can arrange one-to-one classes.


Language Leader School: Russian Language


Length of lesson Cost

In our facilities


In your office/home

90 Minutes KZT 5,000 KZT 5,500 Free*

*First class is offered for free and it lasts 60 minutes. Please contact for details (phone number and email below).


Language Leader School: Russian Language


Level Number of lessons Length of lesson Number of students Cost

In our facilities


In your office/home

Beginner 40 90 Minutes 2 / 4 / 6 KZT 2,500/ 2,000/ 1,600* KZT 2,750/ 2,300/ 1,900
Elementary 30


90 Minutes 2 / 4 / 6 KZT 2,500/ 2,000/ 1,600* KZT 2,750/ 2,300/ 1,900
Pre-Intermediate 30 90 Minutes 2 / 4 / 6 KZT 2,500/ 2,000/ 1,600* KZT 2,750/ 2,300/ 1,900

*cost per one student

The books are not provided by Language Leader School

All prices exclude VAT (НДС) contributions.


Currently we have a school office in Astana and can provide lessons in our facilities in this city, but we are also working in Almaty and other cities in Kazakhstan, where we offer lessons in your facilities (office or home).


Juerg Schimlin:

Great learning experience in a very friendly atmosphere

I took Russian lessons for about 2 months at Language leader in a small group (2 people). We always had a blast learning the basics of Russian Language. The lessons were well structured and never boring. Another plus about Language Leader is, that they organize many events to improve your language skills in a informal and fun way (Tea time, English cinema, Mafia club etc.) The facilities are functional and the schools location is convenient.
Highly recommended!


Kristiina Saarna, Estonia

I have been taking private classes with Language Leader School for some months now. I believe I have made progress in terms of grammar and more important I am not afraid to communicate in Russian any more. Besides, the classes are fun. I have also learned a lot about Kazakh/Russian culture and civilisation.


David Harrison, British Embassy

I arrived in Astana 9 months ago having studied Russian full time in UK for over a year. I have had 90 min lessons with Language Leader School every 2 weeks approximately. The lessons have taken place at home and have helped me turn my theoretical language into a practial capability. In addition the lessons have helped me prepare for specific professional situations. I strongly recommend the Language Leader School as a flexible and helpful language provider.