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Обновлено 15.03.2022 09:11


Dear friends!

This week we will be happy to see you at our weekly English Club session.

This week we will listen to some music and discuss some juicy topics.

Mmm, sounds simple?

It is not that simple as it seems.

This Saturday we listen and discuss the creative life of Frank Sinatra.

You will recognize his music from the first tune, when you listen to his songs, you will be surprised by how many of them you have heard before but never imagined they were performed by a great singer of all times  whose name you have heard before a thousand times.

Frank Sinatra.

It is time to get back in time a little and try to understand why a lot of people love him, still listen to his songs.

Talking about me I was inspired by his songs and it got me into very romantic mood… This got me into thinking. What music inspires people? What music makes them feel  alive and make them fly? Has it changed in comparison to the past? Or may be not if young generation still listens to the songs of the past?

What is music and how does it affect your life?

A lot of things to discuss.

Come this Saturday, March 17th at 5 pm to the Language Leader School.

And don’t forget to bring your friends who cannot live without an ipod or mp3 player a day.


Zarina Yergibayeva

Academic Director



Республика Казахстан,

г. Астана,ЖК Тараз

ул. Абая, 63, офис 11

+7 (7172) 40 52 83

+7 775 29 89 109


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