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Mafia club is a club event which takes place once a month on Saturday.

We play this popular Soviet game in Russian and English languages as the players are not only English students of the school but also people who are studying Russian as a foreign language.

The game is not only about having fun and good time but also it is a great opportunity to speak English and Russian in a relaxed atmosphere.


The schedule for Mafia Club sessions:






To participate in an event you will need a LL CLUB CARD to enter.

The CLUB CARD will allow you to participate in all LL club events

(English Tea Time, Mafia club)

To become a member of the club you will need to fill in the form below:

Обязательное поле *


The membership fee is KZT 1000 per year.

Membership for LL students is KZT 500 per year.


Республика Казахстан,

г. Астана,ЖК Тараз

ул. Абая, 63, офис 11

+7 (7172) 40 52 83

+7 775 29 89 109


[email protected]