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English Tea Time is monthly meetings where we organize discussions with “a cuppa tea”. The topics for the discussions can be various but always thought-provoking and exciting (“How much do we know about Britain. True/False Show”, “Why getting married. British people get married later than Kazakh people. Why is that?”, etc.)

The sessions are held once a month on Saturday at 5 pm (high time for English tea J).


The schedule for English Tea Time sessions:






To participate in an event you will need a LL CLUB CARD to enter.

The CLUB CARD will allow you to participate in all LL club events

(English Tea Time, Mafia club)

To become a member of the club you will need to fill in the form below:

Обязательное поле *


The membership fee is KZT 1000 per year.

Membership for LL students is KZT 500 per year.







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